The possibilty of creating a "designer" baby is in our near future. It is no longer a question of whether it will happen, but when? Today scientists are making rapid advances in our knowledge of the human genome and how to modify and alter genes. Using PGD, parents are able to select specific embryos to ensure a certain sex, prevent disease, or produce a match to cure a sibling. However, someday this technology might be used to select eye color or even the intelligence of your child. Many fear that this could have serious consequences on our society. If everyone could design their own baby, their would be no individuality because everyone would be almost exactly the same. It could also increase the gap between classes. Those who can't afford to design their baby will become an underclass. Like in the movie GATTACA, a superior race could be created. Vincent was inferior because of his genetic makeup. He was not genetically modified like his brother Anton and was unable to apply for certain jobs and genetically engineered humans like Anton became the master race.  Designing babies for theraputic reasons could also greatly affect our society. By creating a baby without certain diseases, one day we might be able to eradicate the disease entirely. However, this could possibly lead to new problems or new diseases. The future of designer babies is still unclear, but we need to be cautious and consider the consequences of our actions before it changes our society forever.